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news  -  June 2009

congratulations to Johan, who's finished the final year of his IT course, and has just found out that  he got a 1st!!!  a fabulous result, tho no surprise to those who've been following Johan's dedication to computers over the years, from the early days of Mario up to his almost total immersion in World of Warcraft lol -- hopefully, with his degree out of the way he'll be spending more time on his music

plans are continuing for Caned to play some gigs later this year, but after such a lengthy break it looks like quite a few rehearsals will be needed -- although Aaron happily took over on bass when Rob left the band, he's now thinking whether it might be better for him to focus on keyboards and vocals, in which case a new bass player will need to be recruited

and finally, we now have a photo of  Jim Grayham,  Caned Unable's long serving sound engineer -- it's a great pic, well worth the wait

band info  (last known line-up)

Aaron Perkins -   vocals, rhythm guitar (Takamine), keyboards
Johan Perkins -   lead guitar (Gibson Les Paul Studio)
Kyle Oram

-   drums, percussion, cornet, vocals

Jim Graham

-   sound engineer

based in Lancaster, Lancashire (NW England)

started summer '99

reviews, articles & interviews

The Visitor, 1 Oct 01  -  review
Yorkshire House, 13 Apr 02  -  review
The Visitor, 4 Sep 02   -   article + 2 pics
The Visitor, 15 Jan 03   -   article + 1 pic
Lancaster Guardian, April 03   -   article (interview with Rob Porter) + 2 pics

June 2000 - The Bay Radio (Lancaster, 96.9FM) interviewed Aaron and Johan in June 2000 and played tracks from the May 2000 sampler

27 March 2003 - The band appeared on Lakeland Radio's Evening Magazine Show (Kendal, 100.1FM & 100.8FM) - they were interviewed by Jacqui Read who played tracks from Citizen Caned - Aaron also did an impromptu live performance, playing acoustic versions of "Sit In Silence", "Taking Me Under" and "You Were Mine" - see photos

July 2003 - Lakeland Radio played music recorded live at the Kirkland Festival, including some Caned Unable songs from their outdoor performance in the park on 28th June


Lancaster Music Coop   -   rehearsal and recording facilities
The Yorkshire House (Facebook)   -   Lancaster music venue
Virtual Lancaster   -   'what's on' events guide

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