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Caned Unable, The Bobbin, Lancaster

We're unable to criticise this band

by Wendy Sargeant - The Visitor - 3rd October 2001

The Bobbin crowd eagerly awaited the return of Caned Unable on Thursday night. This was the band's first gig with their new line up - bassist Rob Porter and drummer Kyle have joined the Perkins brothers Aaron (vocals and guitar) and Johan (lead guitar). They went on quite late but eventually Caned Unable played a brilliant set and had the audience transfixed. I have never seen the original line-up of Caned Unable but people have told me that they had more of a rock sound before and are now more interesting. It would be difficult and probably unfair to compare Caned Unable's sound to another band's. Just as I started to think of a comparison (Smashing Pumpkins) they would change to something else (Radiohead/The Stone Roses). - At one stage I thought the sound was, bizarrely, like The B52's "Rock Lobster" but then it changed again! Caned Unable will be playing at The Roadhouse in Manchester in November and have more gigs in the area in the near future.

-  from  http://musiccoop.co.uk/v3-10-01.htm

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