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Caned Unable - Visitor cover photo, September 2002
Caned Unable - Visitor inner photo, September 2002

New indie tunes for Caned Unable

by Ingred Kent - The Visitor, September 4, 2002

News that The Bobbin pub in Lancaster is to continue putting on live bands has delighted musicians and music-lovers alike.

One of the next bands to play at the city centre venue is the very wonderful Caned Unable from Lancaster.  They will be performing on Thursday (September 5) at The Bobbin from around 9.30pm.

Caned Unable write all their own songs and music.  Their style is basically indie rock and recently they have been writing a lot of new tunes.  They've also been rehearsing solidly at the Musicians' Co-op in Lancaster and are delighted with their new material.  They are regular performers at Paddy Mulligan's, the Wagon and Horses, the Byers at Bentham and the Yorkshire House.  As well as playing in Lancaster, they have done four gigs at Manchester's popular Roadhouse venue.

The band features Aaron Perkins on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Rob Porter on bass, Johan Perkins on lead guitar, Kyle Oram on drums, percussion and cornet and Katy Davis on cello.  Aaron also writes all the band's songs.

They hope to do some recording at the Musicians' Co-op in September and will be recording songs including: Take Me Under, a fast-paced Green Day-esque tune; a funny song called Women and the love song, Eggshells.

Rob is pleased that The Bobbin is going to carry on staging gigs:  "It's a very important venue.  It's one of the only venues that has live bands on every week."

Rob is also adamant that the Musicians' Co-op should not be closed down:  "That would be a real tradgedy," he adds.  "It would be the death of the local music scene."

[unfortunately, Katy was unable to attend the interview or the photo session]

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